2 Ways to Use Microsoft Office on a Chromebook

by Jerrad Gleim | Aug 14, 2018 | Tutorials | 0 comments

EVSC Students in grades 9-12 have access to the Microsoft Office desktop, mobile, and online browser applications.  In this post, we’re going to take a look at two ways students can use Microsoft Office on a Google Chromebook. 

(My favorite is Microsoft Office Online – see bottom section)

Google Play Store App

Students can click on the Google Play Store App icon in the taskbar and view all the applications available for install.  These apps are not installed by default to conserve space on the Chromebook hard drive.  Just click to learn more about the app and install.

The interface of the Microsoft Office Google Play Store apps do NOT have all the features of the Windows/Mac/Online apps.  If you would like to use the full featured apps on your Chromebook, please see the next section on accessing the online browser apps.

NOTE: When this post was published, the Microsoft Excel Android app was not working correctly from the Google Play Store, so we did not include it in the student offerings in the Google Play Store application.  

Here is what the Microsoft Word Android app looks like.  See below how it compares to the website version.

Microsoft Office Online Website

The Microsoft Office Online website offers more features than the Android apps available in the Google Play Store.

How to Login to the Microsoft Office Online Website

Students login to the Microsoft Office Online website by visiting the Student Website Links page and clicking the link for Office Online.

Once on the Microsoft Office website, students sign in by entering their username and password.

  • Username: firstname.lastname@evsck12.com
  • Password: Same as for their Google account.

Choose an Application

Once logged in, students can choose from an assortment of applications.

  • OneDrive – Microsoft’s Limited Online Storage System (similar to Google Drive)
  • Word – Word processing
  • Excel – Spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint – Presentation Slides
  • OneNote – Digital Notebook
  • SharePoint – Intranet Websites
  • Teams – Collaboration Tools
  • Sway – Create and share interactive reports, personal stories, presentations, and more.
Microsoft Online App Screen

Functions Just Like the Desktop Apps

Microsoft Office Online Website has the look and feel of the desktop apps.  The site also features autosaving and collaboration tools similar to Google Apps.


The license for EVSC Microsoft Office allows students in grades 9-12 to download and install the entire suite on up to 5 computers at home.

Just click the Install Office apps button in the top-right of the Dashboard screen.  The website will detect if you’re using a Windows or macOS operating system and give you appropriate download option(s).

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