By clicking OK, I agree to abide to the following statements:

  • I have read the “EVSC Responsible Technology Use Policy” and agree to follow the guidelines outlined in the document. An electronic copy of this Policy is located on the desktop of this device.
  • Students shall have no expectation of privacy when using district e-mail or other official communication system. Any e-mail or computer application or information in district computers or computer systems is subject to monitoring by the administration. District e-mail is subject to I.C. 5-14-3 (Access to Public Records) and will be made available to the extent to which the law allows.
  • Devices that are reported to the school or district as stolen are subject to verification of internal network information including locating the device using IP addresses, GPS location services and screenshots.
  • I will not cyberbully or intentionally hurt or embarrass another person or group with my technology use. Should I become aware of cyberbullying taking place, I will notify a counselor, teacher or administrator immediately.
  • I will not take photos, screenshots, record any video or audio from any conference sessions.
  • I will dress appropriately for all video sessions.
  • I will act responsibly and not use foul language, threaten or harass any of the participants in my digital sessions.