How to Sign Into the Microsoft 365 Website

by Jerrad Gleim | Aug 21, 2020 | Tutorials | 0 comments

This post is for EVSC high school students (Grades 9-12) wanting to use the online Microsoft Office applications on their student Chromebook.

PLEASE NOTE: The Microsoft Office PlayStore apps for Chromebook do NOT have as many features as the Microsoft 365 website.  If you need to work on MS Office projects for homework on your Chromebook, EVSC Business teachers recommend using the website over using the apps.

How to sign-in to Microsoft 365

1). Open your Chrome browser and type in the address bar

2). Click the Sign in button on the page OR click the Avatar button in the menubar.

Office 365 Website

3). Type your EVSC email address in the box.

4). Click Next.

Sign in to Microsoft 365

5). Enter your email password in the box.

6). Click Sign in.

Sign in to Microsoft 365

7). Check the box for Don’t show this again.

8). Click Yes.

Sign in to Microsoft 365

9). Choose an Office app from the menu at the top OR open a project file that you have already started.

Sign in to Microsoft 365

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