Google and YouTube Error ScreenWhat’s going on with Google and YouTube?

Students and teachers recently reported an issue with Window’s devices when visiting Google websites using Google Chrome browser.  This was affecting Gmail, Drive, YouTube, and other Google sites.  When visiting these sites, they were presented with an error message instead of the website.  (see pic right)

There’s now a fix!

Technology Support has resolved the issue and has pushed out a software update for all Window’s computers.  To get the update, students and staff need to restart their computers while at school.  Please do this at a time when it’s convenient to leave the computer turned on.

To restart your computer, click on the Window’s Start button and then choose Restart in the bottom-right of the menu.

PLEASE NOTE: If you haven’t restarted your computer in a while, please be prepared for extended wait time during the restart process to install all the updates that may be available for your computer.  
Please do NOT hold down the power button on your computer to interrupt the update process as this can cause major issues that may require Technology Support to have to reimage your computer (erase your stuff?) to fix the problem.

You will NOT receive the update if you restart…

  • Holding down the power button and then starting up the computer.
    • This does not allow for your computer to install the update as part of the startup sequence.  Please note that sometimes restarting while here at school can be slow if there are many updates for your computer.  That’s why it’s important to restart your computer once or twice a week to minimize the wait time.
    • If you’re having trouble shutting down or restarting your computer, please see a teacher to let you visit your building Technology Support person.
  • Close the lid on your computer and then log back in again.
    • This is not a restart.  Your computer is just asleep with the computer door locked waiting for your username and password to unlock it again.  Your computer has to fully shut down and start back up again to install the update.
  • Restarting your computer at home.
    • We can only issue updates that fix issues related to the internet and software when you restart using the school’s internet.  If restarting is slow, restart first thing in the morning when you get to school. This will allow the process to complete so you’re ready to go when class starts.