For security reasons, the Office of Technology will be checking the devices connected to EVSC-Staff and EVSC-Student and blocking any personal devices from using our Wi-Fi signals.

EVSC-Staff and EVSC-Student are for EVSC devices only. All personal devices for Staff and Students should be connecting to EVSC-Guest.

How to Connect to EVSC-Guest

  • To connect your device to EVSC-Guest, open up the Wi-Fi Settings and select EVSC-Guest.  That’s it!

How to Make Sure Your Phone Automatically Connects

Go to your phones Wi-Fi settings and make sure that Auto-Join or Auto Connect is enabled for EVSC-Guest.

Need Tech Support?

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit the Tech Help page and choose Wi-Fi / Internet from the select menu for more information and if you want to submit a technology help ticket.