How to Download or Move Your EVSC Google Account Content

by Jerrad Gleim | Apr 24, 2024 | Tutorials | 0 comments

Are you graduating?

Are you moving to a non-EVSC school next year?

Do you want to keep your stuff you created in Google?

Here’s how you can download and/or move your EVSC Google account content to another Google account.

How Long Do I Have To Do This?

If you leave the EVSC because you’re graduating or moving to a different school system, your EVSC Google Account will be removed from our system soon after your last day in the EVSC and the data in your account will be deleted.  Users can download an archive of their data at anytime before the account is deleted.

What Can I Backup from Google?

You can download just about anything and everything you create using your Google account as long as the tool is owned by Google.  If you login to other websites using your Google account, the Google Archive tool cannot download content from those websites.  You’ll need to go to those websites to see if they have an archive or transfer tool available.

Visit Your Google Account Information

1). Login to your EVSC Google account by going to

2).  Click on your avatar at the top-right of the page.

3).  Click on the Manage your Google Account button.

This button takes you to

4).  In the sidebar, click on Data & privacy.

Manage Your Google Data

Your Google Account Content

You have 2 options available to save your Google account content.

A). Download your data – Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Chrome, Classroom, Contacts, Photos, Keep, Maps, YouTube, & more.
B). Transfer your content – only Gmail and Drive.

Please see below for more information about each.

Download or Transfer Your Content 2019


Download Your Content

By downloading your content, you will be able to save more of your data than what is possible using just the transfer data to another Google account option. Transfer only moves your Gmail and Google Drive content. If you want to use the transfer option, we recommend you also download your content as well, so if later you find you’re missing something, you can go to the download files and find what you’re looking for.

When you complete the download your content process, you will either receive an email with a link to download your Google archive files or the archive files will appear in the cloud storage solution you chose in Step 3. Make sure in the end that you save these files to a non-EVSC device, USB flash drive, or another non-EVSC cloud storage solution.

For more information on how to download your Google data, please visit Google Account Help | Download your data.

How Long Does It Take To Receive the Email?

Depending on how much content you have in your account, it could take up to 24-36 hours to receive the email.


Transfer Your Content

Since the EVSC’s Google Suite has unlimited storage, you may not be able to transfer all of your data to a free public Google account. Public Google accounts have a limited storage capacity of 15GB. Public accounts can extend their storage limit by paying a monthly fee.

For more information on Google One storage pricing for public accounts, please visit the Google Drive Help | View Google Drive plan prices or upgrade storage page.

(Your Next Non-EVSC School Google Account)

  • If you HAVE already received a Google email address for the next school you’re attending, more than likely they will have a similar setup with unlimited space and transferring your content using this method will be no problem.
  • If you HAVEN’T received a Google email address for the next school, choose OPTION A and download your content and transfer it later when you get access to your new school Google account.

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