How to install Creative Cloud apps on your computer

by Jerrad Gleim | Mar 12, 2020 | Digital Tools, Tutorials | 0 comments

Only EVSC students and staff who have requested access to Adobe Creative Cloud apps are eligible to download these tools.  If you are a student need access, please contact your instructor.

* This information can also be found on Adobe’s website *

When you download your first app, the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app installs first. You can use the Creative Cloud desktop app to install other Creative Cloud apps, set preferences, manage your Creative Cloud files, and more.

How to Install Creative Cloud apps on a computer

1).  Sign In to the Creative Cloud website.  Use Google as the sign-in method and enter your EVSC Google account.

2). Click Download for the app you want to install.

Download Creative Cloud apps

Download Creative Cloud apps

3). Double-click the downloaded file to begin the installation.

4). Once the installer window opens, sign in to your Adobe account.  The Creative Cloud desktop app launches automatically and installs your app.

  • NOTE #1: If you are already signed in to Creative Cloud on two other computers, you will be prompted to sign out from any one of them.
  • NOTE #2: To install more apps, click Install in the Creative Cloud desktop app.

Having problems installing or running the apps?

Check the System Requirements for Creative Cloud to know if your computer is able to run the software.

If your computer meets the requirements and you still have problems, please contact your teacher and they will submit a Webdesk ticket to get you support.