Here’s some quick tips you can use to troubleshoot issues that may occur with your Lenovo ThinkPad.

  1. Restart your ThinkPad
    • Did you know? – If you restart your ThinkPad at school, your computer receives important software updates and fixes for common issues with software and Internet. We are not able to push out fixes while you’re at your home so it’s essential that you restart your computer at school at least once a week.
    • Don’t be surprised… – You may need to restart your computer a couple times to receive all software updates especially if you haven’t restarted your computer at school for a while.
  2. Ask a teacher or school administrator for assistance.
  3. Take it to the office or your school tech office for further assistance.
    • Find out where you are to take your ThinkPad when restarting doesn’t work.

More Quick Tips…

Battery will not charge AND the computer does not say that it needs to be replaced.

Try disconnecting the charger 2-pieces (the cord that plugs into the rectangular block piece) and put them back together again.  Sometimes this often fixes the issue.

What do I do if my battery needs to be changed?

Bring your ThinkPad to the school’s Tech Office to get a new battery.

The mute light is on or you’re not able to control the volume with the buttons at the top.

Part of the fix that we had to put in place for last year’s ISTEP test caused those buttons to no longer work.  To control the volume you will need to use the volume control down by the clock in Windows.