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What is the purpose of the 1:1 initiative?

The purpose is to ignite a passion for learning, inspiring all students to become self‐motivated, enthusiastic participants in their education. This One‐To‐One laptop initiative supports the district’s tradition as an innovative leader by moving forward with an integrated approach to technology use. Furthermore, it reinforces our district vision of “Providing Outstanding Educational Opportunities through Shared, Committed Responsibility.”

Our goal is for students, regardless of income or family background, to have access to a laptop computer for use at both school and home. We believe that individual ownership will help promote concepts of self‐motivation and enthusiastic participation by providing all with access to a powerful technological tool to enhance learning.

What devices are being used?

During the 2014-15 school year, high school students at North, Central, Bosse, Harrison and Reitz will receive a Lenovo 11E Thinkpad.  This 11.6 inch LED device scored highest on a rubric consisting of price, durability and commitment to the education industry.  New Tech students will receive a Dell 3340 laptop.  New Tech students have used a different computer than the rest of the high school students, because they use different software that requires a computer with additional capability.  Office 2013 will be installed on all high school computers. Middle school students will again use the Dell 2120 netbook, a small laptop computer primarily designed for web computing. It is about the size of a small textbook, and weighs significantly less than a full‐sized laptop computer.

How will the computers be used?

The laptops will be used as personal computers for each 6-12th grade student in the EVSC. The computers will be used in the classroom to deliver instructional content, to allow for project creativity, to research information in and outside the classroom, and enable enhanced communication between teachers and peers.

How will students be protected from offensive materials?

The EVSC utilizes an internet content filter that is in compliance with the federally mandated Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).  The filter should work at school as well as outside of school.   If an educationally valuable site is blocked, the students should contact their teachers to request the site be unblocked.

What if you do not have Internet at home?

Students will be instructed how they can download materials during the school day that they will need for homework in the evening. For those times that the Internet may be necessary, the EVSC has worked closely with the Evansville Public Libraries so that students will be able to work at any of our community’s libraries, where wireless Internet is provided.

What is the battery life of the computer?

Students are asked to charge their laptops at home each night. Testing has shown the Lenovo laptops should hold a charge during the entire school day.  Chargers should not be brought to school.   If a high school student brings an uncharged device to school and access is required, teachers have been provided with Dell 2110s to be used as a loaned computer.   If middle school Dell 2120s are not holding a charge, please see your school support tech for a replacement battery.

What is the rental fee?

For the 2014-15 school year, the middle school laptop fee will be $100. The High School rental will be $37.50 per semester or $75 for the year.  New Tech rental cost is $181.00 for the year.

What if a family cannot afford the rental?

For those students who qualify for free and reduced lunch prices, the cost of the computer is $0. The state currently reimburses schools for those costs for lunches and textbooks (and now computers) for these families. For those families who do not qualify, the EVSC will work with the families to establish payment plans that will be affordable for their particular situations.

Who is responsible for repair fees or replacement?

The rental fee includes accidental damage insurance that covers damage caused by spills or drops.  Parents may be charged for damages considered intentional.  Damaged devices should be brought to the school support technician for troubleshooting.  Repairs should only be handled through the school.  Do not take the device to an outside repair site.  A replacement device or a loaned device may be provided to the student.  However, if a pattern of abuse is experienced, the administration may choose to rescind computer take home privileges until the student can exhibit more responsible behavior or provide the student with an alternative device to use.

Who is responsible if device is lost or stolen?

The parent is responsible for the replacement cost of the device if lost or stolen. Some homeowner policies will cover the computer. Insurance is also available for students through Worth Ave Insurance Group.

For more information visit the website: https://my.worthavegroup.com/evsc.

Students/parents are responsible for completing and submitting the optional insurance application and submitting a claim to the insurance company if needed.

Do students have to rent a laptop? Can they use one that they have from home?

The laptop will become an integral part of the educational process, and all students must have one to participate in classroom activities. The device will be a tool that students will be expected to use and incorporate into their daily learning experiences. The laptop the students receive will be ready to use and configured with everything needed. In addition, EVSC personnel will be trained to maintain these computers.

Will the students be required to take the laptop home each night?

The laptop is a tool to help students with their homework – just as you might take home a protractor or compass for a geometry class. They will not be “required” to take the computer home, but as technology is a core component of how people learn and access information today, and since EVSC students have homework as a basic part of their learning activities, it is important to allow them to take the laptop home with them.

Will the laptop be traceable? Are they specifically assign to a student?

Each student’s laptop will have both an EVSC asset tag and a manufacturer’s serial number, both of which will be assigned to that student and be part of the Destiny textbook system and the RDS fixed assets system. So, just as textbooks are barcoded and can be tracked from school to school and if one is found the EVSC knows who it belongs to – the laptop will also be treated in the same manner.

Will parents/students be allowed to install tracking software or other software?

No. No one besides authorized EVSC personnel will be allowed to install any devices or software on these computers.

Who is funding the cost of computers for those students participating in the free and reduced lunch price program?

A subsidy from the state pays for textbook rental fees for free/reduced lunch students and the computers are now considered “textbooks” by the state.

How is the One to One program being subsidized?

Through textbook rental funds, reduced shipping costs in book fund, and other funding sources available to the Office of Technology such as – Capital Projects and Common School Fund.

Will digital versions of textbooks be added to the laptop at some point in the future?

The idea is not to replace a print textbook with a digital version of that same textbook. The cost to do this, in most cases, is identical to the cost of a printed text, and textbooks are static with information that is outdated quickly, sometimes as soon as they go to print. The use of laptops allows teachers to use more current information on subjects students are studying through their texts. The EVSC will provide teachers and students with digital resources, both those that can be purchased and also those that are developed by EVSC teachers and others from throughout the state.

If these digital resources are online, how can students access them if they don’t have Internet at home?

If there are resources that are on specific Internet sites that a teacher wants a student to use, students will be informed of ways to “cache” (or save) that information on their computer for future use when Internet use is not available to them.

Are teachers required to use the laptops in their class curriculum?

The EVSC provides professional development (PD) each year for teachers and building administrators so more can be learned about how to incorporate this and other technologies into classroom instruction. Technology PD has been an ongoing part of the EVSC for many years. There are also eLearning coaches in every district who will develop digital curriculum and help teachers with ways to integrate the use of the laptop to engage students.

What procedures or precautions will be taken to assure the safety of laptops when students must attend after-school functions?

The Care and Feeding of Your Device, which all students will receive and have available to them online, instructs students to either have their computer with them or locked in their locker. At no time is the device to be left unattended.


  1. Zachary Glisson

    In the “Do students have to rent a laptop? Can they use one that they have from home?” question, it doesn’t state whether or not students are technically ALLOWED to bring them. The answer only states that the Lenovo Thinkpad has everything students need for school use. Can somebody provide a yes or no answer that says if we can or cannot bring our personal home laptops if we desire?

    • Jerrad Gleim

      This is a school based decision. Please talk to your school principal to get it approved.


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